About Us

Astra is a real estate development firm focused on the design and construction of Master Planned Communities, which promote a high quality of life. Encouraging the union of the environment with society, generating new intelligent and sustainable infrastructure.


Our Story

Astra emerges from the transformation of Gentor’s real estate division towards a new concept of the development of master planned communities, creating environmental harmony in benefit of the environment.

Gentor has 55 years of experience providing innovative solutions through the integration of business units focused on water treatment, energy generation, collection and correct disposal of waste, development of sustainable communities, and the integration of primary services.


“In Astra we believe that infrastructure reinforces culture.”

Javier Garza Buffington
CEO of Gentor

“Astra represents the beginning of the creation of communities that promote the integral well-being of society.”

Eugenio Fernández
Managing Director of Astra

Our Consultants

Astra, together with the best national and international talent, develops spaces with a positive impact on the community and promotes environmental and social well-being, improving the quality of life for its residents and visitors.

Company focused on providing more efficient primary services through innovative technologies and sustainable solutions that allow us to differentiate ourselves in the way we operate and manage our communities.